Superior Value  Professional Services

Services for NonprofiTs

Greco Associates Offers a Full Range of Services for Associations, Professional Societies, Charities, and Universities/Colleges in Collaboration With our Industry Leading Partners 

While nonprofit organizations have a unique set of needs, they include many if not all of the marketing and business development services we make available to the for-profit sector, in addition to those services which we provide that are unique to the nonprofit sector. 

The key value drivers of associations and professional societies include:

  • Public Policy/Advocacy
  • Reputation Management/Brand/Image
  • Market Making/Networking via Conferences/Events/Engagement
  • Professional Development/Education
  • Research/Market Intelligence

The key value drivers for charities include:

  • Mission, Cause/Purpose
  • Public Policy/Advocacy
  • Reputation Management/Brand/Image
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Best Practices in Donor/Supporter/Volunteer Acquisition, Engagement, and Development
  • Coordination with all Stakeholders, including Government, or NGOs, both Domestic and International

The key value drivers for universities/colleges include:

  • Admissions and enrollment
  • Teaching and research faculty and staff
  • Development/fundraising including alumni relations
  • On campus services
  • Outcomes/placement

In conjunction with our industry leading partners, we can provide a complete menu of services including:

  • Full Turnkey Management or Support with Individual Functions
  • Executive Director Functions
  • General Administration

        ​– HR, IT,Facilities

  • Financial Management

        – CPA and Audit Capabilities

  • Governance/Compliance Processes

        – Board Composition
        – By-laws Formulation/Administration
        – Committee Structuring, Leadership, and Support

  • Complete Board Meeting Management and Support
  • Marketing Communications (Member/Donor/Stakeholder)
  • Member/Donor Relations, Communications, and Development (Retention, Acquisition, Administration)
  • Legal/General Counsel Support
  • Government Relations/Lobbying
  • Public Relations and Media Management (Reputation Management)
  • Publications
  • Education and Professional Development Programs
  • Certification and Accreditation Programs
  • Database Management and Administration
  • Event/Conference/Trade Show Planning and Execution
  • Sponsorship Development and Fulfillment

As well as our full menu of services in:

Greco Associates also offers an industry leading 1-to-1 engagement platform applicable to members, donors/supporters, and consumers utilizing leading-edge digital and mobile technology