Superior Value  Professional Services

 Carol Greco

President AND COO 


John Greco

Chairman and CEO

Greco Associates (GA) is part of Greco Enterprises, LLC, which consists of both GA

and the Marketing IMPACT Council™.

GA is a strategic business advisor and an integrated solutions provider. With its strategic partners, GA offers to both the for-profit and nonprofit segments a wide range of perspective and resources, in such areas as strategic planning; business development, both organic and M&A advisory support, including extensive private equity firm relationships; innovation and change leadership, talent management, and education and professional development; integrated omnichannel marketing; market research, intelligence, and data analytics; telehealth and other strategic healthcare programs; and affinity, loyalty, rewards programs. Through GA, John also serves as Senior Executive Advisor to CommunicationsMatch™.

At GA, we combine our extensive personal experiences, with our large network of strategic partners and independent specialists to design the service solution(s) right for each client’s specific requirements. Our network of associates brings together the world’s most notable team of professionals in their fields and utilizes the most advanced processes, techniques, and technologies available. Whether serving a not-for-profit association committed to enhancing value for its members, or a for-profit business, looking to grow its bottom line, GA has the skills and experience to meet the full range of a client’s domestic and international requirements

We offer these six key areas of service:

  • Marketing and Marketing Technology services, from the most strategic to the most tactical necessary to succeed, in the continuously evolving and complex, data/analytics dependent, multi-channel/traditional and digital and increasingly mobile world
  • Business development capabilities needed to grow, whether organically, one client at a time, or through merger and acquisition, using our strong ties to the private equity community

About Greco Associates


  • Recruiting and staffing, including outsourcing, across all business functions to ensure access to the right mix of talent, at all times
  • A full menu of services, tailored to the specialized needs of the nonprofit community 
  • Development of new affinity and loyalty strategies and programs; review/audit and optimization of existing programs; identification, vetting, and selection of affinity/loyalty and rewards partners; management of partner relationships; and overall program and individual partner products and services marketing  
  • ​Special savings for unlimited access to US board certified and fully insured medical professionals by phone or video 24/7, 365 with NO copays. Telehealth/Telemedicine services, brought to you by Greco Associates and provided by a healthcare industry leading platform, are applicable and available to everyone whether insured or not.  

As a direct result of our collective experience, there is no organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, too large or too small, to benefit from GA’s wide range of services. Through our nonprofit, and corporate leadership experiences, and our network of alliances, GA is uniquely positioned to deliver world-class expertise exactly when, where, and how each client needs it.​


The Council fills critical gaps and provides the opportunity, forum, and structure for executives and their teams to “connect the dots,” break down silos, and better understand, leverage, and maximize the impact of the continuously evolving and expanding suite of marketing resources in the overall strategic positioning of their for-profit and nonprofit organizations. It is a new model of engagement with a focus on “Big M” Marketing™. Big “M” Marketing involves everyone in the C-suite and other positions who are significant stakeholders in their organization’s marketing processes. It covers everything from the highest level of business strategy to all aspects of execution. It is channel agnostic, technology neutral, and data driven.